How To Weather The Storm With Hurricane Doors

How To Weather The Storm With Hurricane Doors

How To Weather The Storm With Hurricane Doors

Need a hurricane-safe solution for your home?

Look no further than hurricane doors, a new innovation in hurricane protection that will protect your home and its content during the worst of storms.

Unfortunately, there are many people who would gamble with fate rather than invest in hurricane technology, but sooner or later they face disaster.

Investing in hurricane windows and doors could mean the difference between a complete wreck and a repairable home.

What Are Hurricane Doors?

Hurricane doors are made to combine heavy-duty frames with impact-resistant laminated glass.

The process involves special silicone glazing that prevents the glass from breaking away from the door frame.

Hurricanes have the ability to cause serious damage to property and may even destroy the structure altogether, but with hurricane impact technology your home’s largest areas of vulnerability are tightly sealed.

Hurricane doors provide full-time home protection from hurricane-force winds and flying debris.

Why Do You Need Them?

No place is really 100% safe when a hurricane hits and all homes are equally vulnerable.

Hurricane doors are perfect for those living in coastal areas, but the area of effect is often misjudged and most people who are caught unaware actually thought that they were out of harm’s way.

A functional and durable hurricane door will provide much-needed relief and safety when hurricanes are hit by not allowing high winds and flying debris to compromise the structure.

Visual Appeal?

There are plenty of style choices when it comes to hurricane doors and your material options are endless. They can be constructed from fiberglass, vinyl, metal, aluminum, and wood.

The best part is that hurricane doors can be installed easily and will not detract from the visual appearance of your home.

The A-Z Of Hurricane Doors

You may already think you don’t need hurricane doors, but if you live in an area affected by severe weather, you do.

To understand why you need hurricane doors, you need to understand the truth about what hurricane protection can offer you.

No modern home, or any building for that matter, is built 100% airtight and hurricane resistant. The structure must be reinforced with hurricane impact technology in order for it to withstand the battering.

Hurricane Technology

The real question is, can the damage done by the force of a hurricane be reduced? Can hurricane impact technology actually save my home?

The simple answer is…yes!

All windows and doors need to be closed when a hurricane strikes, but if you have standard windows and doors as your protection you can forget about it. When high winds strike, regular doors and windows don’t stand a chance.

Flying debris is the major cause of damage during a storm. Once debris starts to break windows and dent doors, high winds make their way inside, which compromises the structure in its totality. Hurricane impact doors and windows are made of impact-resistant laminated glass which absorbs and stops the impact of flying debris.

Hurricane doors provide homeowners with protection and comfort, knowing that they can weather the storm inside their own homes.

An added bonus hurricane technology brings is the fact that it can also help reduce the level of noise emanating from outside. It is also far more energy efficient than regular doors and windows. This means an effective way to help regulate the temperature throughout your home, and therefore save you money on your monthly heating bill too.

When you purchase hurricane protection, always ensure that it is of the highest quality by checking that it has been certified.

When a hurricane is approaching, make sure you know your surroundings, build an emergency kit, reinforce all your doors and windows and emerge safely after the hurricane has passed.

Benefits Of Hurricane Doors

The thought of hurricanes can put unnecessary pressure on you and your family. Why not turn to hurricane windows and doors to solve this problem?

  • Hurricane doors are specially reinforced doors made to withstand high winds, flying debris, and the battering of rainfall a hurricane brings along.
  • The impact technology employed by hurricane doors serves to protect you from the elements by creating a barrier between the outside and the inside of your home which is virtually impenetrable.
  • It even serves as a deterrent for would-be-burglars.

Not only do hurricane doors protect you from the effects of mother nature, they can also increase the value of your home while decreasing the cost of your home insurance and utility bills at the same time.

Protection of window and door openings is by far the most important and reassuringly affordable investment in your defense against hurricanes.

By spending a little bit extra on hurricane doors and windows you can afford not to worry.