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As Exhibitions are Fully re-opened, CBD Fair (Guangzhou) will Take Place as Scheduled!

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As Exhibitions are Fully re-opened, CBD Fair (Guangzhou) will Take Place as Scheduled!

Issue Time:2020-05-13

The preparation for CBD Fair (Guangzhou) to be held on July 8 as scheduled is currently in progress in an orderly manner as planned.

 provide an excellent display platform. CBD Fair (Guangzhou), known as “the Debut Platform for Champion Enterprises”, has always provided an excellent platform for the champion enterprises in the industry and those committed to becoming champion enterprises to present their new products, new designs, new technologies, new materials and new strategies. The pandemic cannot stop the demands of enterprises for participation in this exhibition.

achieve “Two Optimizations” for audiences. In the face of the impact of the pandemic, CBD Fair (Guangzhou) spares no effort to boost and empower the industry and to seek good opportunities for the industry to develop after the pandemic. On the one hand, it optimizes the nature and structure of the audiences, consolidates the advantages of dealers and franchisees, actively increases the number of real estate developers, designers and crossover professionals to meet the needs of enterprises for investment promotion and channel transformation and upgrade to a maximum. On the other hand, the exhibition optimizes the source and structure of the audience areas, deeply taps the economically developed areas and first- and second-tier cities and deeply explores the third-, fourth-tier and even county-level markets. The two-pronged approach will effectively help exhibitors develop new channels in a diversified and all-round way.

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