When it comes to your home, you want the best products and materials to be used in order to protect your investment. You may have heard of aluminum doors as a potential option for your home and are wondering if they are a good choice. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about aluminum doors to help you decide if they are right for you.

1. How long do aluminum doors last?

Similar to windows, aluminum doors can last, on average, anywhere from 20 to 25 years when they are correctly installed and well maintained. However, they can last as long as 60 years and more when maintained and used correctly.  Having said that, keep in mind that aluminum doors are relatively low maintenance, durable, and highly corrosion-resistant.

2. How do you maintain aluminum doors?

Aluminum frame coatings can be worn down over time when scrubbed with abrasive scourers, brushes, or cloths. So to really care for your aluminum doors and windows (specifically their frames), make sure only soft non-abrasive fabrics are used to wipe their surfaces.

3. Do aluminum doors rust?

No, they don’t. Aluminum corrodes. Rust is a form of corrosion that happens due to the oxidation of iron when exposed to both air and moisture. So while it can affect different materials, rust will only occur on objects made out of steel or its alloys such as stainless steel.

4. Are aluminum doors better than wood?

Wooden and aluminum doors both have their benefits. Wooden has more durability but is not as strong or flexible compared to an aluminum door which can be customized for your needs with different shapes and sizes available.

5. Are aluminum doors expensive?

Aluminum comes at a price – it’s not the most affordable material out there, but you do get whatcha to pay for. The nice thing is that while other doors may have more downsides than their metal counterparts (such as being prone to rust), these risks aren’t an issue with pure aluminum.

6. How strong is an aluminum door?

The durability of aluminum doors is unmatched. They’re 3-and 4 times stronger than wood, yet they can take quite a beating without sustaining any damage or abuse. Where vinyl and wood may crack under pressure while other materials will dent from impact – even if just once in a while-, aluminum remains virtually intact due to its high resistance to scratches and dents alike.

7. How safe are aluminum doors?

Aluminum doors provide a safe alternative to flammable wooden or easily heat-conductive steel for those looking for high levels of safety in case their home is on fire. The metal’s reflective and thermal conductivity properties make it an excellent choice, especially when compared with less flame-resistant materials such as wood that can promote combustion during fires by giving off more radiant energy.

8. How do I choose an aluminum door?

  • Flexibility
  • Durability
  • The aesthetic
  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Good thermal performance
  • The quality of the aluminum
  • The craftsmanship of the door
  • The hardware accessories of the door


If you’re still curious about aluminum doors or have other questions, we encourage you to get in touch with a professional. They can help you determine if an aluminum door is the best choice for your home and answer any other questions you may have. Thanks for reading and happy door shopping!